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Hurricane Policy

As the hurricane season is upon us, this is to advise that when any tropical storm or hurricane named and/or numbered by the National Weather Bureau crosses 20 degrees north latitude and/or 80 degrees west longitude moving into the Gulf of Mexico, the following restrictions are in effect:

  1. No new business can be bound, please contact this office if further clarification is needed.
  2. Coverages or limits may not be increased.
  3. New or additional items cannot be added to existing schedules

These restrictions apply until the storm has abated or clearly made landfall and all warnings/watches are withdrawn, in such a manner as to remove the possibility it will expose the risk to damage.

If uncertainties arise about the timing, please contact your underwriter.

Handling a Claim: General Instructions

The following instructions are for your guidance and are intended to help you with some of the claim requirements of the Company. Your cooperation in observing these requirements will eliminate unnecessary correspondence and will assist us in providing you with prompt and efficient loss service.

NOTICE OF LOSS: Any loss, damage or injury that may give rise to a claim under your policy should be reported to the Company immediately. Prompt notice is of the utmost importance as it will avert many of the difficulties which invariably result from a late report of loss. Such notice should be given as soon as physically possible. The Company should be provided with as much information about the loss/claim as possible.

Effective July 1, 2021:
All new claims should be sent to directly and should contain the following:

  • Date of loss
  • Policy number
  • Description of loss
  • Any documents you may have related to the loss

PRESERVATION OF PROPERTY: All reasonable steps must be taken to protect and preserve the damaged property and to recover lost equipment. This should be done in order to minimize the loss and prevent further aggravation of existing damage. The policy contains a clause obligating compliance with this provision. You should act as a prudent uninsured, that is, as if no insurance would be in effect, to protect your property and interest.

ESTIMATE OF LOSS: An estimate of the cost for repairs and replacements is usually required in order that the Company may properly determine the measure of the loss or damage. If required, this estimate should be prepared by a recognized boat yard or repairer, and must be itemized as to the anticipated labor and material required to restore the vessel to its former condition.

SURVEY: No repairs should be initiated until the Company has had an opportunity to survey the loss or damage. Of course, any repairs which are vital to the safety of the vessel or will prevent aggravation of the existing damage must be carried out immediately. A complete record should be kept of all disbursements made for this purpose. If a survey is required, the owner or his qualified representative having full authority should be in attendance. All damages and necessary replacements should be brought to the attention of the surveyor at the time of survey in order to avoid the necessity of supplementary examination or any dispute as to the nature and extent of the loss or damage.

BILLS OF SALE: Original receipted bills of sale are usually required by the Company in support of claim for lost or damaged equipment. If these documents are not available, a Purchase Affidavit which will be furnished by the Company should be completed and submitted in lieu of bills of sale.

THEFT: In the event of theft of the entire vessel, motor or assailing theft, written notification should be made to the Police Department and the U.S. Coast Guard, giving a full description of the property and complete details surrounding the loss. It will be necessary for you to furnish the Company with copies of these letters and any replies received thereto in support of claim. Complete information as to by what means and in what manner the thieves gained access and entry into the vessel should be included in the Owner's or Operator's Statement.

COLLISION: If collision is afforded coverage under the terms and conditions of the Policy, the Company requires the name and identifying number of the other vessel involved, and the name and address of her owner and operator. In addition, a diagram should be furnished clearly showing the relative positions of both vessels, properly labeled, immediately before and after the accident. Such a diagram should also indicate the course and speed of each vessel, together with the velocity and direction of the wind and tide. Notification and reporting to applicable agencies (U.S. Coast Guard, Harbor Police, etc.) should be given when and as required by law.

If another vessel is responsible for the collision, you should write a letter to her owner, notifying him that he will be held fully responsible for the accident and for the cost of repairing the damages. The responsible party should be given an opportunity to inspect the damages. A copy of this letter and any reply received thereto is required by the Company in support of the claim. Where collision liability coverage is afforded by the terms and conditions of the Policy and claim is made upon you by the owner of the other vessel, it is of the utmost importance that you admit no liability whatsoever, but you should immediately contact your insurance representative for instructions.

TOTAL LOSS: In the event of claim for constructive or actual total loss, the following documents must be submitted in support of claim:

  1. Original Policy (if all property insured under Policy is totally lost).
  2. Original receipted bill of sale for boat/motor.
  3. Certificate of Registry or Documentation (if certification is required by law).
  4. Hull Proof of Loss (form to be furnished by Company).

We believe that these instructions will be of assistance to you; your compliance with those sections which specifically apply to your loss will facilitate the prompt disposition of your claim. Our facilities are always at your disposal. Should any questions arise do not hesitate to contact your agent.